The Austin area is home to over 25 world-class film and television festivals, each covering a variety of unique genres and films types. Along with amazing screenings, many of the festivals also include a conference aspect with informative panel sessions that feature prominent industry figures. If you are interested in more than just attending, each festival has a call for entries and volunteer opportunities.

                        48 HOUR FILM PROJECT AUSTIN
                        TBD - Spring 2020
                        The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest where filmmakers from all over Austin compete to see who can make the best short film in under 48 hours.


                        August 6-9, 2020
                        The All Genders, Lifestyles & Identities Film Festival (aGLIFF) presents programming for the Austin community depicting a myriad of issues across cultures, race, immigration status, class, gender identity and expression, age, and religion.


                        Austin Action Film Fest
                        AUSTIN ACTION FILM FEST
                        TBD - Winter 2020
                        The Austin Action Fest is an international festival dedicated to video projects that either include and or are strongly driven by the action and stunt sequences of all kinds.  


                        AUSTIN ARTHOUSE FILM FESTIVAL
                        January 30, 2021
                        Austin Arthouse Film Festival spotlights work from filmmakers across the world who defy conventions and tropes, who champion art over mass appeal and whose work challenges audience expectation. 


                        TBD: Summer 2020
                        The Austin Asian American Film Festival showcases the best in Asian and Asian American cinema in order to celebrate communities, entertain, enlighten, and showcase creative talents.


                        April 19, 2020
                        The Austin Comedy Short Film Festival is a unique forum for international independent filmmakers to showcase their short comedy films.


                        AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL
                        October 22-29, 2020
                        Recognized as one of the top film festivals in the country, Austin Film Festival shines the spotlight on top-billed films and indies alike along with a renowned conference that focuses on screenwriting.


                        AUSTIN INDIE FEST
                        TBD - Fall 2020
                        Austin Indie Fest fills a major gap, finding a place for new film makers who want to compete in a high quality Film Festival, but aren't quite ready for larger festivals.


                        AUSTIN JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL
                        TBD - Fall 2020
                        The Austin Jewish Film Festival promotes the love of Jewish films to the Central Texas community by screening movies and programming other events related to movies.


                        Austin Music Video Festival
                        AUSTIN MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL
                        TBD - December 2020
                        The Austin Music Video Festival celebrates Austin's longstanding music video heritage with music video screenings, awards, parties, panels and workshops.


                        AUSTIN POLISH FILM FESTIVAL
                        TBD - November 2020
                        The Austin Polish Society presents their annual film festival featuring carefully curated narrative, documentaries, animation and shorts film, as well as an amazing Polish film poster exhibit.


                        September 9-12, 2020
                        The Austin Revolution Film Festival showcases independent films from all over the world, along with hosting networking events and parties for attendees.


                        Spotlight FF
                        AUSTIN SPOTLIGHT FILM FESTIVAL
                        September 26, 2020
                        Austin Spotlight Film Festival is an annual international film festival held at Alamo Drafthouse Mueller featuring short films, music videos, trailers, and kickstarters.


                        Austin Student Film Festival
                        AUSTIN STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL
                        February 29, 2020
                        In its fourth year, the Austin Student Film Festival is dedicated to the craft of student filmmaking. The festival is open to short films (not longer than 40minutes) from high school and colleges.


                        Action FF

                        October 17, 2020
                        Austin's first outdoor film festival, Austin Under the Stars Film Festival mixes films, live music and socializing at Lone Star Court - a retro-inspired boutique hotel at the Domain. 


                        AUSTIN YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL
                        TBD - Spring 2020
                        The Austin Youth Film Festival gives young, independent filmmakers a venue to showcase their work to peers and pros alike, thus fostering a love of filmmaking among the future voices of our community.


                        ATX Television Festival
                        ATX TELEVISION FESTIVAL
                        June 4-7, 2020
                        ATX Television Festival is a yearly celebration of all things TV with a weekend of panels, screenings and parties where you can hang out with your favorite sitcom stars of present and past.

                        AUTFEST TEXAS - AUTISM FILM FESTIVAL

                        TBD: Fall 2020
                        AutFest Texas raises awareness about life with autism through film and video. The films show a range of ages and abilities, challenges and triumphs that living with autism can bring.


                        Babes Fest
                        BABES FEST
                        TBD: Fall 2020
                        Produced by Boss Babes ATX, Babes Fest is an annual music, art, film, comedy and education festival based in Austin, Texas for people who like a good show.


                        CAPITAL CITY BLACK FILM FESTIVAL
                        TBD: August 2020
                        Celebrating black filmmakers from across the nation, the Capital City Black Film Festival provides a stage for burgeoning talent in the heart of Austin.


                        CINE LAS AMERICAS
                        May 6-10, 2020
                        Cine Las Americas International Film Festival showcases contemporary films from North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean and Spain.


                        TBD: October 2020
                        The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities hosts the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival & Short Film Competition which shines a spotlight on films that positively and accurately represent disability.


                        CONTRAST FILM FESTIVAL
                        TBD: July 2020
                        The Contrast Film Festival highlights boundary-pushing, genre-defying, and forward-thinking filmmaking with an emphasis on female & queer artists. 


                        FANTASTIC FEST
                        September 24-October 1, 2020
                        Fantastic Fest is the Alamo Drafthouse's annual genre festival featuring the horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, Asian, and cult films from around the world.


                        FILMS FOR THE FOREST
                        TBD: Spring 2020
                        Films for the Forest is a short film challenge created by Rainforest Partnership with the goal of creating an awareness about the importance of tropical rainforests and threats faced by forests.

                        GTX Film Festival
                        GTX FILM FESTIVAL
                        April 23-25, 2020
                        GTX Film strives to inform and educate filmmakers through quality events featuring industry professionals as speakers and panelists who discuss topics related to writing, directing and producing content for the moving image industry.


                        HILL COUNTRY FILM FESTIVAL

                        May 7-10, 2020
                        Presented by the Hill Country Film Society, the Hill Country Film Festival is an independent film event held in the heart of the Texas Hill Country showcasing feature and short films from around the world.


                        IDTV ACTION FEST
                        TBD: Summer 2020
                        Iron Dragon TV Action Fest brings the exciting world of international action films to Austin
                        . Experience a new generation of filmmakers, action actors, stuntmen, producers and fans of the action genre.


                        INDIE MEME
                        INDIE MEME FILM FESTIVAL
                        April 2-5, 2020
                        Indie Meme presents an exclusive opportunity to see internationally-acclaimed, award-winning narrative features, documentaries and shorts from South Asia


                        LAKE TRAVIS FF
                        LAKE TRAVIS FILM FESTIVAL
                        February 27-29, 2020
                        Lake Travis Film Festival (LTFF) showcases filmmakers around the globe with authenticity, vision, and purpose. The festival aims to connect independent filmmakers and industry professionals with an eager community audience.


                        Lound and Clear Film Festival
                        LOUD & CLEAR YOUTH FILM FEST
                        August 3, 2020
                        The Loud & Clear Youth Film Fest celebrates digital short films created by the Austin School of Film youth students ages 8-18 years old.



                        MILLENNIAL FILM FESTIVAL
                        TBD: Fall 2020
                        The Millennial Film Festival celebrates high school and college level filmmakers with career exploration through hands-on, creative film production experiences.


                        Other Worlds Austin
                        OTHER WORLDS AUSTIN
                        December 3-6, 2020
                        Science Fiction comes in all shapes and sizes: horror, drama, comedy - see the best of these films at the Other Worlds Festival.


                        OUTSIDER LGBTQIA FESTIVAL
                        February 19-23, 2020
                        OUTsider showcases LGBTQIA film and art via unique festival experiences in order to educate and entertain the public as well as to support the creative endeavors of LGBTQIA artists.


                        September 5-7, 2020
                        RTX is the world’s greatest celebration of animation, gaming, comedy, and internet culture, where amazing entertainment and the best fans in the world meet up for the best weekend of the year.


                        TBD: March 2021
                        Now one of the biggest festivals in the nation, SXSW offers the latest and greatest in the music, film and multimedia interactive worlds.


                        TRANSFORM FILM FEST
                        TBD: Spring 2020
                        Transform Film Festival is Austin's first women's film fest, highlighting works created by women of vast cultural and economic backgrounds, while also raising public awareness of the underrepresentation of women within Texas' creative sectors.